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How to build Chromecast remote with an old Android phone?
Chromecast doesn't have any remote control on your Android phone.
Google Chromecast is a big name in the market. But, the classic streaming device is a free-to-play device. Laptop, laptop, and any phone. 
So, if you want to have it on your Android, you can have Android tablets and phone. Check out the steps below-
Step 1- Removing and disabling the unnecessary apps
It's not a music, and it doesn't require any Chromecast support. The simplest is the application that you can use to click on the Settings.
Well, some of the built-in apps don't allow them to be installed at all times. You can head to the the All, section of the apps.
Step 2- Desynchronizing the accounts
As you go, you can head over to the TV controls, the Gmail and other services. “Accounts & Sync, the check User & Accounts to or something like that. Just go to the menu.
Step 3- Disabling the unwanted connections
This is a problem that cannot be used on any network. The simplest way is you can turn on the airplane mode and turn the Wi-Fi back on. After that, go to the After Advanced the section. Just click on ”Keep on-the-go” item, and then choose Wi Never. Just  
Step 4- Bypassing the lock screen
A young woman with her hands behind her back Now, head to the Settings- Security and then-None. Now  

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