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Faster way to sort order of products and merchandise large categories ?

I'm a Web Merchandiser for a fashion business and we recently made the switch from an older platform to Shopify. Just about everything works faster, but sorting product orders and make sure categories look good has been a much slower process so far. 
Example : An urgent or specific situation requires me to put navy colored items or specific sweaters on the top of the new arrivals page. They are currently at the bottom of the page. My new arrivals page contains about 70-80 products. 
I've looked around everywhere but right now it seems there is no quicker way but to slowly drag them up from the collections's page.  Being in fashion, the esthetics and overall look is really important, every line of product is a calculated outfit. 
So I guess my question is : is there an app or a quicker way I don't know of, to get the bigger picture of the page layout, and quickly move product in the page from one place to another?

Thanks ! 

I did not find the right solution from the internet
References : https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/enterpri...ies-424985

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